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Question of the week: 4/7/08-4/11/08

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Here's the question: Do you think that anything you say in a blog could be or should be used in a court case in which you are not directly involved? In other words, should you be held publicly responsible for what you write in a blog? Or, is it an invasion of your privacy and first amendment rights?

Background info: Katherine Seidel, mother of an autistic child, has a blog where she speaks out against vaccinations. She claims that her child's autism was caused by a vaccine. She also criticizes trial lawyers. She has been dragged into a court case in which she is neither the plantiff nor the defendant. The lawyers have subpoenaed her financial and other records. Here's some background about it: Here's the blog link with Katherine's reply:


Blogger Liz Ditz said...

Thanks for commenting on the Seidel subpoena.

However, I think you mis-read some of the facts.

Seidel does not believe that vaccination causes autism. She accepts the evidence of more than two dozen scientific studies that do not find vaccination causal in autism. Many of her blog posts are detailed critiques of the pseudoscience of those who do believe that there's a vaccine-autism connection, and the harmful therapies (chelation and chemical castration) flowing from that mistaken belief.

I am one of the 100+ bloggers mentioned in item 5 of the subpoena.

I am keeping a running list of responses to the Seidel subpoena at I Speak of Dreams. I've added your blog.

5:07 AM

Blogger dkmnow said...


Vexatious litigant Lisa Sykes is the one who "speaks out against vaccinations," and "claims that her child's autism was caused by a vaccine," and thus is a long-standing member of what may now be called the Jenny McCarthy Cult.


Lisa Sykes and her co-profiteering attorney, Clifford J. Shoemaker, are the ones who issued the invasive, retaliatory, and arguably illegal "subpoena" as a thinly veiled threat against Seidel and her supporters, and subsequently, as a de facto threat against citizen-journalism at large.

Kathleen Seidel's position on vaccination is that there is presently NO credible scientific evidence in support of any presumed link between autism and vaccines.


Thank you.

4:51 PM


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